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ColourPlus, powerful paint simulator and measuring tool working on digital images.

What can do ColourPlus for you?

ColourPlus is a software for painters, decorators, and also builders, architects. It helps you to render your photographs with the colours and textures of the main manufacturers. It allows you to measure captured lengths and surface areas from digital images. It offers you the colour palettes of the major paint manufacturers, and a wide range of textures and coatings like woods, tiles, plasters, roughcasts, wall paper, stones ...
It works for interior scenes as well as for exterior scenes, easy to use, powerfull, convenient.
With ColourPlus you will save time, earn money and increase your profits.


PHOTO Measurement module

On the field, take a photograph with a digital camera of the house front, building frontage, or interior room. Now measure two significant lines (horizontal and vertical) that you can easily locate on the photo. This will be used as a base for working out all the necessary calculations for your estimates. Write down these values. Later you will download the photo onto your computer .

How does this software module work?

Once the digital picture is displayed on the screen, use the tool to draw the perspective. Locate the lines you measured and enter the values you wrote down. The software will compensate the effects of the perspective. Use the tool to capture the dimensions, just click endpoints to get precise results. This convenient digital measuring module gives you lenght of straight lines, and also curves or complex lines, and, of course, surface of any kind of area. You don't need any more elevators, lifts, scaffoldings, everything you need is on the picture. Use the convenient internal spreadsheet to make calculations, e.g. : whole surface of the frontage, less the openings, and get immediate result. To help you, ColourPlus provide a set of parameters and calculation formulas, but you can also create your own parameters or formulas.

This new software is easy to use, accurate, user friendly and efficient. It will save time and money when you work out your estimates.




You can monitor and simulate applying colours, roughcasts, plasters, woods, wall papers, etc. any coatings or textures for walls, buildings and houses!

You will get a realistic rendering of colours and keep the natural lights and shadows of the photo. It is a very important and attractive advantage. ColourPlus enables you to show to your customers how their house, building, room, will look like after paint. You may also apply textures from any kind on the walls. You can create new textures in seconds, just need a picture, a scan, or extract a small square area from a photo. Change the coatings by drag and drop, you only have to adjust the size of textures. You can also replace windows, doors, create or suppress openings. ColourPlus offers you a wide range of textures and the ability to add yours. The colouring module of ColourPlus Software makes it possible to realize such a simulation, with an amazing facility.
No need to be a computer expert. Once displayed the picture or the scanned digital file of the house front, you can look through the catalogue containing more than 50,000 colours and hues : all the colour palettes of paint manufacturers. Have a look sometimes on our support and spec. pages, you will find new palettes or libraries that you can download (free).

ColourPlus is powerful, fast and and has quite no limits. You have the tool to perform what your imagination can create.


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